Kilcrea Friary


The friary is located in the civil parish of Desertmore, near Ovens, Co. Cork, in an apparently isolated area south of the river Bride. The friary was an early Observant foundation established by Cormac Láidir MacCarthy, lord of Muskerry, in 1465. The friary, which survives in its entirety, was named in honour of an early saint, St Créidh (alias Céire), reputed to have founded a nunnery a mile east of the friary in the parish of St Owens, now Ovens. However, this foundation was also dedicated St Brigid. The site itself is said to have had an ancient ecclesiastical association but apart from the place name there is no trace of an earlier church. A castle built by Cormac is located about 450m west of the friary, both monuments seemingly aligned to each other........ (more)