Bealick Mill

The mill dates from the early 19th century. It is situated just north of Macroom town on the River Larney. It has recently been restored from dereliction and is now a fully functional mill, heritage centre and tourism attraction.

The site of Bealick Mill is hugely important in the annals of Irish history. For the mill derives its name from ‘Bealach Leachta’, an ancient route used by local saints. Adjacent to the Mill site the Leach Mahon standing stones which commemorate the Battle of Bealach Leachta, a legendary brutal battle that was fought and won in 978AD by Brian Boru in retaliation for the murder of his elder brother Mahon, King of Munster. This lead to Brian becoming King of Munster and eventually High King of ireland in 1002AD. (Note: Moira is a 32nd generation descendant of Brian!).


The heritage centre displays an exhibition including photographs, reports, documents and studies carried out on famine conditions in local parishes during this time.

It is open to visitor from April to September, 10am to 5pm daily and Sundays 2pm to 6pm.  From October to March it is open by arrangement only.



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